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About Us

Community Blood Bank Mission Statement:
To assist communities in the region to meet their own needs for safe, adequate supply of blood and blood products to local hospitals, meeting or exceeding all safety and compliance requirements, at the most cost efficient price.

The Community Blood Bank has been providing a safe and reliable blood supply to patients in need since 1966. Partnering with all the hospitals in Erie, Warren, McKean, Tioga and Elk Counties and Titusville Area Hospital the Community Blood Bank is the exclusive provider. The Community Blood Bank is also the preferred provider of blood products to hospitals in Chautauqua, Potter and Allegany Counties. The Community Blood Bank now provides about 43,000 units of blood and blood products per year saving millions of dollars and thousands of lives in our region.

A non-profit organization, the Community Blood Bank is dedicated to guaranteeing a safe, reliable supply of volunteer blood for patients seeking medical services in Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York.

Advances in medical knowledge and technology make giving blood safe. Potential donors are thoroughly screened and given a physical examination. This involves completing a health history form and having a member of the collection team check your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and hemoglobin level. Materials used in blood collection are sterile and never re-used.

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